We are Southern California's only DUI firm that practices exclusively DUI.  Our firm has close to 40 years combined in the practice of defending drivers accused of driving under the influence both in court and at the DMV.   In 2017 we beat the nation's top DUI prosecutor in a .18/.19 breath test case for a commercial driver.  We obtained a not guilty verdict for that client saving his career and his life.  

One question that I often hear from potential clients is what separates your firm from the others and the answer is simple.  We win.  We know what we are doing, we hate to lose and we honestly care about what happens to our clients as we know they are someone's father, mother, spouse, grandparent, child, co-worker, life partner, employee, employer, etc.  We treat every case as if it were our own to insure the best possible result is obtained in every case we handle.  

While we can't predict the exact outcome of any case I have no doubt that whatever is the best result in any given case based on all the facts we are confident without any doubt that we are the attorneys can achieve that result.

We practice in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.  


DUI Defense in Court

DUI Defense at the DMV